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Stay Confident Even if You Miss the Mark

Make sure that you are confident.

People that are confident are often times natural seducers.

Try to make sure that you seem un-bothered when you make a mistake during a conversation.

A great example is, if you tell a joke and it sounded funny to you.

But your date says, “Huh?  I didn’t get it.”

Instead of just continuing the joke, laugh it off and keep the conversation going.

Even if your jokes are bad, do not apologize because it makes your date feel that you only care about what their opinion is and that you lack confidence.

If you are always reaching for someone’s approval, it makes it look like you do not have any confidence in yourself.

If you tell a bad joke, just figure out a way to change the conversation to another joke or a different topic all together.

If you talk fast and change the subject quickly, you won’t have to explain the reason behind your terrible joke.

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attract women

Issac Wilson
Issac Wilson

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