attract women dating tips

Being Overly Opinionated

One of the worst things that you can do when you are talking to the opposite sex is to just nod and agree every time.

They say something like…

“I like watch the sunset every evening,” – You shake your head in agreement.

“I love how nice this restaurant is set up,” – You say yes.

“I hate when it is so humid outside,” – You shake your head in agreement again.

One of the biggest lies that you have probably heard is that the best way to handle a woman is to agree to everything she says.

This is so not true.

All over the internet, on social media and in books, it is said over and over again that all women want is to find a man that will agree with them all the time.

attract women dating tips

The truth is, that believing this can not only end a date quickly, but it can also kill your efforts to be seductive.

This happens because when you start agreeing with everything that your date says, you lose the chance to be a leader.

Your date will think that you are too weak or agreeable and that you are more like a friend than what they want in a potential lover.

To make sure that this does not happen to you, make sure that you have your own opinion.

If your date says something that you disagree with, state your opinion.

This shows that you have a good personality.

Laugh and use humor to make sure that you do not come across as being rude or disrespectful when you do disagree.

Being rude is a quick way to make your date turn from you.

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attract women dating tips

Issac Wilson
Issac Wilson

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