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How to Start a Conversation With a Woman for Shy Guys

It’s just impossible to establish comfort if you can’t find things to talk about with women.

A conversation must be moved along by having conversational skills.

But does that imply you’re doomed if you don’t have the gift of gab?

Not at all. You just have to do a little bit of prep-work 1st.

Let’s look at improving your blabbing abilities so you can keep the discussion going.

1. The Trivial is Your Friend. 

A lot of guys– mainly the ones that struggle to meet women– aren’t really too keen on small talk.

They feel that any discourse between 2 people should have some trustworthiness and integrity behind it.

That conversations need to be meaningful and intelligent. Sigh.

Look, you’re not disputing healthcare here.

Women, who are a lot more socially smarter than a lot of us, figured out a very long time ago that at the absolute most fundamental level every human interaction starts out on an inconsequential level.

Due to this, many of them have learned to banter and have a good time with inconsequential subjects of conversation.

Now, don’t confuse this with speaking about the mundane.

Just because something is trivial and doesn’t matter a great deal on the big scheme of things doesn’t mean it can’t be captivating and fun.

And it really should be.

If you’re ready and adept at turning virtually anything into a chat, you’ll have no issue keeping it going.

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attract women

Issac Wilson
Issac Wilson

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