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How to Keep a Woman Interested Long Term

3. Spend Stay-cations Together.

Real getaways fall under the rubric of “going on experiences.”

Another thing that you could do to keep your girlfriend attracted is taking a stay-cation together.

What’s that?

Hitting up a very fancy hotel together and staying there for a night or three.

Create an event of it.

You wear a tuxedo, she puts on a gown, you two eat together in the hotel bistro, drink in the hotel bar and indulge in everything that’s awesome about going away from home with none of the muss and fuss of actually traveling.

A stay-cation can literally save your relationship.

I’ve observed this happen before.

4. Try Out New Stuff in Bed.

Intimacy can get old as soon as you’re in a long-term relationship.

This is just a fact of life that everyone– women and men– must address.

Want to keep things brand-new with your girlfriend?

Try new things. Mention your fantasies, activities that you want to try, things that she really wants to try.

It gives you both a chance to spice things up, as they say and keep her interested.

Worried about sharing your fantasies with your girlfriend?

Don’t be.

Odds are she has a good idea of what men have an interest in.

We live in a sexually liberated age and ladies are mindful with where the male mind goes.

Share with her and be willing to compromise.

That will keep her interested.

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attract women

Issac Wilson
Issac Wilson

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