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Dating Relationship Stages

The purpose of seduction is to persuade the opposite sex that you’re well worth her time and you’re absolutely “lover material.”

Here are a number of professional tips to get you started on the right track:

  • Just relax– Anxiety and nervousness are two of the worst companions during a date. If these two are consistently murmuring in your ears, overcome them– rapidly! Being relaxed is the primary pre-requisite to a great date.

Put yourself in your date’s shoes– would you want to date someone who’s more interested in tinkering with his ring or looking around, instead of focusing on you?

Certainly not!

If you are typically anxious right before seeing someone who is extremely attractive to you, you must make an effort to route your excess energy and emotions well before the date.

Do something, anything to eliminate that extra energy.

  • Draw out Your Fun Side– Most of ladies don’t enjoy it when they get bored half to death on the very first date. If you’re not typically talkative or entertaining to be with, now would be a good time to bring out your inner comic. Joking aside, you need to make certain that your date is enjoying themselves.
Don’t think for a second that allowing your date “chase you” is a good idea.
I know that several books advise this but this strategy may only work if there’s an unexpressed attraction initially (e.g. the woman is already very attracted to you and conversation becomes a secondary issue).

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attract women

Issac Wilson
Issac Wilson

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