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The Arranged Marriage Process.

Unlike Love Marriages, which can be a short process from dating her to marrying her, the arranged marriage process is long and drawn out.

Selecting the perfect match usually takes at least 12-months, but can stretch over several years.

The parents develop the criteria for a perfect mate and the prospective bride and groom simply show up at the agreed upon date for the marriage.

This doesn’t sound very romantic because freedom of choice has been removed.

What has always bothered me about arranged marriages is that the groom never has to learn how to use his natural manliness to attract a women or to keep her.

To start the arranged marriage process, the parents use their social circle of friends and relatives to get world out that they are looking for a suitable mate for their son or daughter.

They might even use the services of a local matchmaker to assist with the search.

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attract women

Issac Wilson
Issac Wilson

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