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You can learn a lot about finding and dating women out of the differences between an arranged marriage vs love marriage.

Arranged marriages are still very popular in countries like India, Pakistan, and even Japan.

Parents and their relatives have criteria they use to find a suitable lifetime mate for their son or daughter.

In these cultures, especially in India, 85% of the children prefer their family to select their spouse to be.

This is pretty shocking in the 21st century to most people in other parts of the world.

In a love marriage, you have control over the women you date who might be your wife.

My free book, Evolution of Dating Playbook,” goes into how to find and date women using a women’s psychological triggers of attraction.

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attract women

Issac Wilson
Issac Wilson

Evolution Of Dating has one main goal and that is to get women approaching you. To attract women, you need to understand the female mind and feed it what it wants. Make sure you get our FREE 'Evolution Of Dating Playbook,' to start attracting beautiful women this weekend.