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Being a Powerful Storyteller To Attract Women

Being a Powerful Storyteller To Attract Women

Does storytelling improve seduction?

Earlier on, we talked about telling stories while on a date and how this can be a powerful way to communicate with someone that you are interested in.

Stories can cause people to want to listen and to pay close attention to what is being said.

This is how social groups can prove that they are important and that they should be listened to.

The biggest difference between humans and monkeys is that we want to make sure that our ways and our culture follows generation after generation.

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Story telling proves that our culture is important to us and we use stories to help to us to spread our thoughts and ideas.

Telling stories is very important when dating because it can help us to look more attractive.

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When we tell stories, our conversation can help us to be more seductive and it is important to be able to have these skills so that you can get what you want.

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