attract women dating tips

Problem 2:  She wants to fight with you.

Men and women do these types of behaviors.

When people have had bad relationships in the past, they sometimes try to be dominating in their new relationship so that they do not feel hurt from their partners.

Women use their vocals to be dominating.

Some women even are physically violent.

It is important to not let this go and to call the cops if this happens.

When a man has to deal with a woman that is angry or that is afraid of the relationship, then fights can be a continuous thing.

Fighting all the time can cause the relationship to fall apart because this is not attractive.

Solving Problem 2: 

attract women dating tips

Never let your partner or spouse make you feel like you have to fight.

If she gets mad and yells at you, do not do it back.

If you do fight back, it only will make the situation worse.

Try to be calm and find out what the real problem is.

If your spouse or partner continues to yell and scream, let her calm down before you choose to respond.

Do not attempt to fight back with her.

If you scream too, it will cause the fight to last longer.

When your lady gets in a better mood, then it is important to talk and to try to figure out how there is a way to make the problem go away.

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attract women dating tips

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Issac Wilson

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